Don’t Be Sidetracked Researching Nuances of Business Requirements

Simplifying Your Licensing Needs & Saving You Time

Xpress Office Solutions believes business owners are successful when they can dedicate all their time and energy to their company rather than getting sidetracked researching the nuances of licensing requirements.

There are many federal, state, local and even regional licensing that may apply to your business. In most states, businesses (whether a sole proprietorship or an incorporated business type) need licenses and/or permits to operate and comply with government mandates for safety, soundness and tax.

Failure to comply with license and permit requirements can lead to pricey penalties or leave business owners with no legal protection. These requirements vary by industry and also depend on how business is transacted and where the business is located which is why Xpress Office Solutions’ Business License Application Package is essential to staying on top of your licensing needs. Let us handle the research, so you can make the decisions.

NOTE: You cannot incorporate your business through this service.
A common misconception is that the obtainment of licensing turns your company into an LLC, corporation, or other official entity with the state. If you’d like to incorporate, visit our Incorporation Options page.

How it Works

  • You provide basic information about your business, and we do the rest:
  • Research all licensing requirements at every level (including general, specialty and regulated businesses) as well as tax registrations (sales tax, use tax, withholding tax, etc.)
  • Collect the necessary applications that are relevant to your business
  • E-mail you a customized application package with any special filing instructions for you to fill out and submit

The customized package we deliver via email includes:

  • Your unique federal, state, local and municipal license and permit needs
  • A comprehensive overview of state and local licenses, permits and tax registrations relevant to your specific business
  • Complete licensing authority’s contact information
  • The actual license, permit and tax registration applications and other necessary documents
  • Filing instructions, so you can easily get your licenses, permits and tax registrations
  • Exceptional Research
  • Xpress Office Solutions researches the state and local licensing requirements for your business, covering business licenses and permits (general, specialty and regulated businesses) as well as tax registrations (sales tax, use tax, witholding tax, etc.).

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